“Nigel, thank you so much,Millie and Ruby changed for ever after meeting you!! After years of being dragged about by them can’t believe how fast and effective your techniques are. Can’t recommend you highly enough.”
Helen Mulcrow, Manchester

Dog Sitters

“The Dog Sitter was a very pleasant person, my house was very tidy on my return, my dogs were clearly content and happy and everything was in order as I asked, thank you very much.”
Mr and Mrs Peterson – Notting Hill

“A very professional service and clearly passionate about the best possible scenarios for my dogs, thank you. “
Mark Newman – Shepherds Bush

“The plants were alive and looked well, the dog was happy and looked after, house was clean and tidy, I could not ask for more and will continue to use you.”

Mr. and Mrs. Michaels – Ladbroke Grove

Dog Trainers
“Nigel worked with us and our dog Jasper. The results were impressive not least because Jasper is completely deaf and life is just that bit more difficult for him, us and any trainer. Nigel achieved amazing results getting him to walk to heel but more importantly teaching him such good recall that we can confidently have him off lead in our local park – a real triumph for us and Jasper.

“Nigel’s focused and calm methods ensured that we knew what to do when he was not going to be around and he is at the end of a phone for follow up support and advice. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who wants proper professional help and is serious about training and prepared to put in the work – there are no shortcuts for you and your dog! “
Sue Medder – Herne Hill

“Following yet another miserable walk with Abi, my 14 month old German Shepherd dog, I could only describe my mood as one of utter despair.  My legs were bleeding as her massive strength had pulled me over when she lunged after another dog.  My wrists were painful from being tugged here and there, but the biggest problem was the feeling of humiliation and failure.

Due to Abi’s behaviour towards other dogs was so hostile, I couldn’t realistically expect her to receive a warm welcome at the local dog classes.  So I turned to You Tube to see if I could discover any training tips.  Fortunately Nigel had added an impressive short video on how to walk a dog on a loose leash.   Although I live some distance from London, I decided to contact Nigel to see if he would be willing to spend a week training both Abi and me.  This request was slightly different from the services he usually provides, but I think he could sense my desperation and agreed to help.

 Nigel commenced the week by educating me on why dogs behave the way that they do, drawing from studies of their natural behaviour in the wild.  With this new knowledge, I could now make some sense of what causes Abi’s nervous aggression and anxieties.  By implementing some simple changes to the way I deal with Abi in the home, this would then have a positive impact on her behaviour across the board, including the miserable walk experience.

My over-riding impression of Nigel was his gentleness, patience and strong, but quiet presence with Abi.  The little rascal didn’t want to willingly concede her lofty position as ‘leader’, but as the week progressed, Abi became calmer, less demanding and finally was demonstrating good manners both in and out of the house.  

 Incredibly, Abi now walks to heel… if she tries to edge ahead; I follow Nigel’s instructions by stopping, turning back a few paces, and then continue onwards.  It hasn’t just been about the walking though; Nigel also addressed the way she reacts to other people and dogs, the lengthy barking episodes, the jumping up when greeting visitors and he has given Abi the opportunity to relax.   I have been absolutely delighted with the outcome and am grateful to Nigel for improving the quality of both Abi’s and my life.”                                                                                                                                                                              K Pawsey – East Sussex

K Pawseys’ progress with Abi can be seen on her personal blog at http://karen123.wordpress.com/2010/04/06/just-abi/

“We have a beautiful and intelligent 7 month Hungarian Vizsla. I could put up with the fact that I had been too lazy to lead train her, or even the fact that she jumped up like a Dervish whenever we came through the door. When she started to get involved in mini-brawls with other dogs smaller than herself in Regent’s Park I began to think I needed some expert help, despite having previously owned a more timid Vizsla as I did not want her to grow into a fighter and she is both feisty, affectionate and up for ‘the challenge’. After surfing the net, not having been happy with the trainer our vet had recommended for puppy socialisation, I found Nigel Reed’s website. When I first heard that all his training starts in the home and that Nigel would require a minimum of a  9 -5 week to get Dido under control, I almost faltered but Nigel moved in. Dido is a very bright and responsive dog but one week later she walks on a loose lead along the busiest pavement. 

We have learnt how to alter her behaviour so that she doesn’t jump up at us, or our guests and Nigel has trained me to know exactly what to do and not to do if she ever does get into an unpleasant park ‘scrap’. And, more importantly how to take action to avoid the situation in advance.  Dido now know her place in our family pack, does not experience separation anxiety and we are already missing Nigel’s calm, undemanding and knowledgeable presence in our home. Alternatively he offers a consultation and videos for you to find your own way but every penny we spent was a golden investment”.

Jane Haynes Ph.D – Kilburn High Rd www.intheconsultingroom.com  (please contact Jane for a clients perspective.)


“Not only was my dog calmer when I returned, he has actually stopped barking hysterically at the door. “
Selena Head – Brixton

“You have made my life easier and I feel so much more relaxed with Benji now, he is a different dog,”
David Barnes – Shepherds Bush

“ Kahn was trying to attack every dog he saw, now he is happy and plays with other dogs, I did not think it was possible, thank you so much.”
Marilyn Stevens – Kensington

” I cannot recommend Nigel and his methods highly enough. My 20 month cockerpoo Noodle has had aggression issues towards other dogs and people which are centred around me ever since I got him aged 6 months. Nigel’s methodology always put Noodle and his needs first but he has also been very honest with me about how my behaviour has had to change in order to effect change. Nigel worked with Noodle for three weeks and went through a careful process of gaining his trust and respect and then instigating a series of consistent behaviours which have had a great effect. Everyone has noticed a change in Noodle since Nigel has worked with him – I take him to the office every day where he is bombarded with loads of different experiences and people and the results have been impressive. However, most importantly I have noticed a change in his behaviour when he is around me and exposed to other dogs. I will endeavour to keep up the methods he has taught me and Noodle to keep improving his behaviour. My highlight was this past weekend when I was able to walk round Regents Park with a lovely couple I met there who had a very boisterous Schnautzer. Noodle didn’t behave aggressively at all even thought their dog (Alfie) came up to me several times. Nigel has equipped me with loads of knowledge to manage Noodle’s behaviour much better and understand how to deal with his trigger points. Most importantly perhaps is the love and care he has shown to my dog who now adores him – perhaps more than he does me! Nigel is a safe, honest and reliable trainer whose hands on-methods have generated real results.”

Ian McAuliffe and Noodle – Ladbroke Grove

Dear Nigel, Thank you, you have revolutionised our life by showing us the way to gently and quietly train our two largely out-of-control dogs!We can now, after just two weeks, walk without being pulled, eat dinner without slobbering dogs nudging us all the time and feed them without excessive fuss and pandemonium! They also listen much more and clearly are more aware that we are the leaders of the pack and not them!! They are now a pleasure to live with…. well, nearly!!

I can’t thank you enough!

Christian and Eleanor Lewis-Bale – Murray and Ted- Hampstead