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Dog Training in London – Terms & Conditions

1. Scope of Services

Dog Training in London (the “Company”) shall use a trained dog behaviourist (the “Trainer”) to provide the client with the services in accordance with the brief that has been discussed and agreed between the client and the Company (the “Brief”).

The Company will provide the services for the agreed time period as specified in the Brief. The Company does not guarantee any results and gives no assurance to the client or any other party that the training objectives specified in the Brief will be reached within the given training period.

Following expiration of the training period, at the client’s request, the Company will arrange, but is not obliged to arrange, a one to one consultation with the client. The purpose of the consultation is to advise the Client as to the steps or actions that the Trainer considers necessary or desirable in the continuation of the training provided to your dog.

2. Standard of Care & Liability

The Company will not accept liability or responsibility for death, injury or loss of any pet. In the event that a pet requires veterinary assistance during the agreed time period, the client shall be directly responsible for all veterinary fees. The client is obliged to make the necessary arrangements with their nominated veterinary practice in relation to this matter and must provide the relevant confirmation to the Company.

The Company will not accept liability or responsibility for any damaged or missing property.

All services carried out by the Company will be carried out with the reasonable standard of care expected from a company acting in such capacity.

The Trainer will train the dog to the best of their abilities in the time period that has been agreed between the client and the Company. Although progress is always made, we cannot guarantee exact progress due to every dog being in a different situation.

In the event that any emergency or problem occurs, the Trainer will use its best endeavours to act in the most appropriate way that the Trainer deems necessary in the circumstances.

If the client returns before the time period specified in the Brief, the services will be terminated immediately and the Company will not be liable to reimburse the client in relation to any fees previously paid.

If the client wishes to terminate the services before the agreed time period the Company will not be liable to reimburse the client with any of the payment.

In the event that the client wishes to extend the services without notice, the client will be obliged to pay the Company at an enhanced rate, based on the initial agreed fee.

3. Payment

To secure the services a non-refundable deposit of £80 is payable to the Company at the time of booking. Thereafter, the Company will provide the services on the condition that the full amount of the agreed fee is paid seven days prior to the commencement of the assignment. Late payment may result in the booking being cancelled.

Cancellations or changes to the agreed date 7 days before the consultation may result in withholding the deposit.

Any expenses incurred by the Trainer necessary in the provision of the services will be reimbursed by the client. This will include but shall not be limited to travel expenses at a rate of 40 pence per mile travelled or full reimbursement of public transport expenses.


4. Notes

Training will be done to the best of the Company’s ability during the client’s absence. Please note it is down to the client to continue the training objectives (we are at the end of the phone if you need any advice after the consultation).

Please be specific with dates, allowing good notice if you return late as this may result in customer dissatisfaction to our other clients.

Our dog sitters are professional dog behaviourists and not professional cleaners, we are happy to run errands but we respectfully ask you not to abuse this service.

The client is obliged to provide all information necessary to the performance of the services to ensure that the services can be carried out to a reasonable standard.

Consultations are only available at no extra cost if a dog sitting assignment lasts a minimum of seven days.

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