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Dog Sitting / Training Services

Dog training in London offers a dog sitting service with training. Are you going away on business, holiday or for any other reason, and worry about the welfare of your dog?

Would you be happier leaving with the knowledge that your dog is in the best hands out there? Or, Maybe your dog has got behavioural issues, which stop you from leaving the house as much as you would like?

If so, you need our London based dog sitting service, a small professional company that employs fully trained dog trainers who stay at your house and take care of your dogs, for any period of time while you’re away.

The primary focus of our Dog sitting service is to secure your dog’s well being. Many dogs will be unhappy left in a kennels or with an inexperienced dog lover. This can create many problems often making the situation worse on your return.

The dog sitting service is designed so your dog is being trained whilst you are away. No matter what the problems are we can help. In addition, the personalised service will include the day-to-day running of your house, such as, watering the plants, feeding your cat or, whatever is requested.


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