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Dog Behaviour Consultations

One To One Dog Training Help

Consultations To Help You And Your Dog

If your dog has any undesirable behaviours that you need help with the behavioural consultation will meet all your needs.

Nigel Reed - Dog Trainer in London

Dog Behavioural Consultations

A behavioural consultation takes place in your home and usually lasts between 3 – 4 hrs. In that time we will talk in-depth about the issues you are experiencing. Once I have a good understanding to why the problems have occurred, your situation and environment, I will provide effective solutions to address the behaviour.  We will then put the advice into practice with lessons inside and outside the home to ensure you get hands on experience with addressing the behaviour.

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The service is a one off payment of £295 and includes:
  • One to one detailed help in your home
  • One to one detailed help outside the home
  • Access to exclusive training videos
  • My book
  • Lifetime support by phone/email
  • An animated PDF summarising the method

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Check out Dog Training in London’s videos for an insight into how to address some common behavioural issues.

Dog Trainer in London

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