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Dog Training in London

The Dog Training Method

My method to a happy and well-behaved dog is designed to build a relationship with your dog-based on trust, understanding and effective leadership. The method is a kind effective way to communicate with your dog, that is made up of 4 core principles.

The 1st principle

Understanding Your dog’s needs:  learning what they are and how to fulfil them.

The 2nd Principle

Understanding Your dog’s language: in order for you to be able to read your dog’s signals and effectively communicate with your dog.

The 3rd Principle

Understanding Your dog’s state: learning why your dog’s state becomes heightened and what to do keep them calm and responsive.

The 4th Principle

Understanding Your leadership approach in order to become a kind leader your dog trusts, respects and listens to.

Understanding The Principles

By understanding and implementing the principles ensures we treat both the cause and symptoms of the problem behaviour, opposed to treating just the symptoms. It is a holistic approach to your dog’s well being that will collectively build your dog’s confidence:

  • in YOU as their leader,
  • in their environment
  • to how they should behaving.

Once your dog is confident in all these areas the behavioural problems will disappear and the dog will trust your decisions and look to you for guidance.

See videos below for demonstrations of my method

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Behavioural Video Examples Of The Method In Action

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