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I decided to go and check out Monty Roberts’s horsemanship demonstration after reading his book and watching the DVD. I have the utmost respect for anyone who  can stay patient and is able to change their own behaviour in order for the animal to feel at ease so was keen to see it in action. I was not expecting to see much different from what I read and seen on TV but was keen to see it in person.

Once I arrived and began to watch Monty talk about his subject, it was instantly impossible not to be drawn in. The passion in which he spoke and his calm nature combined with everything he was doing was breath taking as well as clearly having an effect with the horse. The horse started of resisting but after a matter of minutes in each demonstration they all were becoming increasingly comfortable in his presence and following his instructions of their own free will.

It was a remarkable experience to watch someone whom has mastered their trade. After I left I came home with some tips which could parallel with dog training that I was keen to put to use and   without realising I returned in a calmer state.

The next day began training a Red Setter and a German Pointer in North London to heel on the lead. It can become quite frustrating at times half way through the training as they would have pulled me at least one hundred times each to smell something on the side of the road. However this time when they pulled me I corrected them as usual but after watching Monty with the horses, I decided  to take a little longer to get them moving again to give them more opportunity to process the information and message I was trying to communicate.

The intensity they were pulling at after a few times reduced. I already knew this and have done it in the past but as usual I get so caught up in trying to get results too quickly for the owners and lose focus.

Watching Monty take his time and really concentrate on the horses state reminded me that the work cannot be hurried and gaining a bond with clear communication is more effective than rushing. It was another lesson which the dogs and Monty taught me into mastering leadership principles.

Thank you dogs and  Monty Roberts.

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