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We have a beautiful and intelligent 7 month Hungarian Vizsla. I could put up with the fact that I had been too lazy to lead train her, or even the fact that she jumped up like a Dervish whenever we came through the door. When she started to get involved in mini-brawls with other dogs smaller than herself in Regent’s Park I began to think I needed some expert help, despite having previously owned a more timid Vizsla as I did not want her to grow into a fighter and she is both feisty, affectionate and up for ‘the challenge’. After surfing the net, not having been happy with the trainer our vet had recommended for puppy socialisation, I found Nigel Reed’s website. When I first heard that all his training starts in the home and that Nigel would require a minimum of a 9 -5 week to get Dido under control, I almost faltered but Nigel moved in. Dido is a very bright and responsive dog but one week later she walks on a loose lead along the busiest pavement.

We have learnt how to alter her behaviour so that she doesn’t jump up at us, or our guests and Nigel has trained me to know exactly what to do and not to do if she ever does get into an unpleasant park ‘scrap’. And, more importantly how to take action to avoid the situation in advance. Dido now know her place in our family pack, does not experience separation anxiety and we are already missing Nigel’s calm, undemanding and knowledgeable presence in our home. Alternatively he offers a consultation and videos for you to find your own way but every penny we spent was a golden investment

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