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Toilet training your puppy should begin the first day he arrives into your home. An eagle eye is needed in the beginning to identify the signs of when your dog needs the toilet. Do not think you will recognise the signs on every occasion but you can prepare yourself. Typically, a dog needs the toilet after he wakes up or just after eating or drinking. At these times you should accompany the dog outside so he can associate going to the toilet with being outside.

How to teach him

You should also think about the other times your dog has needed the toilet in the past. What behaviour was he displaying? By recognising these signs you can anticipate when your dog needs the toilet and lead him to the designated area outside. Be patient it may take some time! When you see your dog squatting outside, reward him with some praise, for example, ‘good boy’, and give him a treat. He will quickly learn that going to the toilet outside will receive a positive response. Dogs want to please us so we invite and show them how to do exactly that.

Finding solutions not problems

If you live in a flat and cannot make it outside on every occasion, set aside an area you can wet proof, for example, by laying down newspaper or absorbent padding. Be prepared to change it however many times necessary. Be positive every time he gets it right in the flat and be even more positive when he goes outside. If your puppy gets it wrong inside the house or on his way outside, then clear it up without a word. The dog is just a puppy and will make mistakes like we all have and negative training in such early stages of life are not productive.

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