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How To Train Your Dog To Come When Called

How to train your dog to come when called

A myth to owning a dog is that it must have a run off lead and play every day. This causes many owners to feel guilty if they do not let their dogs off lead when going for a walk. This guilt then leads owners to set themselves up for a potential failure by letting the dog off and not knowing if they will come when called.

The truth is that letting your dog off lead and it not returning when called can result in problems ranging from frustrating to dangerous. I would say to every owner for the dogs’ safety and their sanity do not let your dog off lead until you are sure they will come back.
Foundations to recall in dog training
To do this, first practice recall work in the home. If your dog does not listen in the home then it has nowhere to go. If they do come when called reward them with food or praise. Once your dog is perfect in this area, then practice recall in the garden. Once they have grasped recall in this area then the next step is to practice recall work whilst they are on a long lead in a park. If they come when you call them again reward them, if they do not listen then you can correct them by bringing the dog back to your side. Overtime with many lessons the dog will work out to come back each time for reward otherwise they will be corrected.

Teaching recall on long lead

 Case study

A gentleman from Wimbledon south London called me in to help address recall problems he was experiencing with his French bulldog. After he realised he did not have the foundations of recall he began at home and progressed to the garden and then moved on to long lead in the park.

Although he achieved great recall in these areas he was still not 100% sure that his French bulldog would listen off lead so he practised more lessons in an enclosed area in a park. Once the dog came each time off lead in the enclosed area he had the confidence to take the next step and let his dog off in a big park with exits and many distractions.

Not surprisingly the dog listened to the owner in the park once the foundations were in place. Then the owner was able to let his dog off and play every day with no worries.

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