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One of the worst problems your dog can have is aggression towards people or other dogs. One thing to remember is that your dog does not want to behave like this but they believe it is necessary. People make the mistake of blaming the breed or believing the dog can never be relaxed as they have been doing it for far too long. Dog Aggression is sad to witness and very distressing for both owner and dog.

The truth is no matter what breed of dog you have be it a Pit Bull, Staffordshire Bull terrier, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Jack Russell, Labradoodle or Cockapoo if a dog is attacking  another dog it is the clear message to get rid of the opponent as they fear for their life. If they have been doing it a while it may take many more lessons to get them relaxed again.

The trick is to learn at what point your dog gets aggressive and to avoid that situation for a long time whilst putting in the right communication that you are the leader of the pack. Once your dog understands that you are in charge they will then be more inclined to listen to you. It is your job as the owner to make smart decisions and keep your dog safe, but you have to prove it to your dog that you will do that.

One step at a time

Show your dog from a distance that you make the decisions, once your dog accepts you make the decisions then you can slowly get closer.  As your dog starts to see that you are capable of taking charge in a calm, convincing, consistent manner then he will believe that you will do it when the situation arises. If your dog becomes aggressive then you have gone too quickly and pushed the dog into believing they had to do take care of the perceived threat it. If this happens they will lose faith in your abilities. Take your time and gain your dogs trust.

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