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Dog Training in London

Frequently Asked Questions

Will one session be enough?

All the advice to address the issues will be explained, shown and practised on the consultation. Together with the book, videos and lifetime support over the phone will be enough to get the information through with the cost of one session. However each situation is different and each person learns at different speeds so I can come back as many times as needed. I also offer a deal on hourly follow up sessions so please know whatever you need, I am here and happy to help in any way I can.

Is 3 – 4 hours long enough to cover all the behavioural issues I am experiencing?

Yes it will be enough to advise on all the issues in detail.  However sometimes people have a lot of questions and in those situations I do not leave until my clients are 100% happy and know exactly what to do in each situation.

Can I break the initial session into parts?

No. The initial session is 3-4 hours to ensure you get all the information you need to address the situation holistically. If it were shorter you would only have part of the information and would likely struggle until my next return. My approach is holistic and is designed to get to the route of problem behaviours in order to properly address them, opposed to a quick fix method with a gadget or tool. After the initial session I can come back for hourly visits.

Do I have to commit to follow up sessions before I see you?

No you don’t –  lets have a chat on the consultation to assess what you need.

Can you guarantee your method will work?

Yes absolutely if you apply it correctly. Check out my videos, testimonials, reviews on Amazon and Google Maps to hear how satisfied my customers are.

Where do you offer your dog training?

Our dog training sessions cover across Central London, West London, East London, South London and North London.

Do you cover outside of London?

I do but I have to charge travel expenses and my time. If you provide me with your postcode I can give you a quote.

Do you have experience in all behaviour?

Yes I have on many occasions successfully addressed dog on dog aggression, aggression to people, extreme separation anxiety, chasing animals, jumping up, pulling on the lead, obsessive behaviours and much much more.

Dog Trainer in London

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