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Puppy Training

Consultations To Help You And Your Puppy

If you have a puppy (6 months or below) and want to perfect your approach from the start the puppy consultation will meet your needs.

puppy training in london

Puppy Consultations

Puppy consultations takes place in your home and usually last between 2 – 3 hrs. In that time I will provide a detailed but easy to follow strategy so you’ll be able to provide a life your for your dog where they feel safe, secure and follow your lead. We will also talk in length about any issues you may be experiencing, be that on separation anxiety, toilet training, puppy biting or anything else – As well as the solutions to address them with practical guidance.

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The service is a one off fee of £225 and includes
  • One to one detailed help at your home
  • One to one detailed help outside the home
  • Access to exclusive training videos
  • My book
  • Lifetime support by phone/email
  • An animated PDF summarising the method

Please note

The puppy consultations are for puppies up to 6 months with minor behaviours e.g. separation anxiety, toileting, puppy biting, pulling on the lead etc. If you are experiencing more severe behaviour the behavioural consultation will better suit your requirements.

Visit Dog Training in London’s video page to see the behavioural advice in action

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