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5 day intensive training course

Home based dog training program in London

Experience a comprehensive 5-day training program designed for those seeking substantial assistance with their dog’s behaviour. This intensive training package is tailored to provide you with dedicated support.

Course overview

Each day, from 10 am until 5 pm, I will come to your home to  guide you meticulously through the intricate tapestry of your dog’s behaviour. This hands-on, personalised approach allows for an unparalleled depth of observation and insight as I witness your interactions within the unique contours of your home environment and during the explorative journeys of your walks.

I’ll be there every step of the way, ready to encourage you when you achieve moments of genuine connection and understanding with your dog. When challenges arise, I’ll offer tailored guidance, providing specific, actionable advice to navigate through those moments with grace and confidence.

This immersive training experience is about more than just addressing behaviours; it’s about elevating your relationship with your dog to a level of mutual respect and understanding that many can only aspire to. By the end of our time together, you won’t just have a set of tools; you’ll have transformed your approach to communication, turning potential frustrations into opportunities for growth and bonding. This transformative journey is designed to elevate your skills to an expert level, ensuring a harmonious and joyful life with your canine companion.

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The service is a one off fee of £2000 and includes:
  • One to one detailed help at your home
  • One to one detailed help outside the home
  • Access to my online courses
  • Three x 1 hour video calls
  • My book – The Dog Guardian
  • Lifetime support by phone/email
  • An animated PDF summarising the method

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Dog Trainer in London

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