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How long does it take to train a dog?

A common question when training the dog is ‘How long will it take to train the dog?’ An understandable question! However one which will be different with every dog due to every owner, dog, problem, environmental factors and situation being different.

Common problems

Dogs display all sorts of different problems from aggression to nervousness, separation anxiety to running away. In these typical situations, if the dog has been given the wrong signals and believes he is in charge, then he will do what is deemed necessary to keep the pack safe, which then causes him to act in this manner. The fact that the dog does not understand the world like we do does not come into the dogs thinking process, and only serves to confuse him.

The dogs’ decision

The best way to help this is to take the decision making process off the dog so he looks to you, the person who does understand this world to make sensible decisions and reassure him that everything is okay.

Dogs ask us questions

However, the dog has to find out if you are good enough to rule the pack so he will question you in many ways E.g. If a dog pulls on the lead or jumps up, becomes aggressive, toilets in the house, whines, steals food, runs away etc etc it is in fact a question. The amount of questions he asks is not important. What is important is how you answer and then these answers then become lessons

One step at a time

The more correct lessons you put in the quicker the dog will get it. However, once again other factors can ruin it for you e.g. other people not listening to your requests when dealing with the dog, a dog with a very strong will, a shortage of time to put lessons in, going off course etc.

Compare these lessons to learning to drive a car, we all do it at different speeds, it took me a while. A few of my friends did it in a two week crash course and some of my friends gave up for a number of reasons. One pattern emerges and it’s those who are determined and do not give up always get there by having patience and self belief. It is these traits that the dog wants in a leader, so he then feels reassured, happy to step down and let you make the decisions for him.

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